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Arts & Letters

What is Arts & Letters?

The National Arts and Letters Commission was established in 1973, under the presidency of 15th National President Lillian Pierce Benbow. The ultimate goal of the Commission has been to boldly advance the black experience; highlighting the artistic contributions of African American people with an emphasis on positive roles of Black women. The Commission’s programming is carried out via chapters implementing the organizations national initiatives Delta Authors, Delta Red Carpet, DSTV  and Music Ministry. 

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Arts & Letters Committee Members

Jadrien "Jade" Allen, Chair

Long Beach Alumnae

Lakeesha Alford
Inglewood Alumnae

Katrina L. Anderson
Los Angeles Alumnae

Tracy Brown
Contra Costa Alumnae

Valerie Roberts Gray
Vallejo Alumnae

Latosha Guy
Foothill Alumnae

Nicole Mattox

Sacramento Alumnae


Tommi Morgan
Pomona Valley Alumnae

Essie Preston
Los Angeles South Bay Alumnae

Janice Semien
Los Angeles Alumnae

Latoya Vickers
Cerritos Area Alumnae

Horecee St Cyr

Century City Alumnae

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Red Carpet Events & DSTv

Each month, we will be highlighting movies that chapters are encouraged to support through sisterly activities. This month, chapters are being asked to host Red Carpet events for these two featured films. Be sure to take photos and post on social media using the hashtags listed above!

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Farwest Arts & Letters 

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The Color Purple (2023)

Purple Flower
Beach Walkway

The Black Hamptons by LaJill Hunt

What's Artsy in the Farwest?

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Share Your Feedback

All Arts and Letters Chairs are invited to fill out, and submit the Event Recap Form after every Arts and Letters event their chapters host to let us know your thoughts.

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What's Artsy in Your Service Area?

Tell us what's going on in your service region so we can get the word out.

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Share Your

Chapter's Activities

Share your chapters Arts & Letters activities.

Your chapter may be featured on the Arts and Letters webpage.

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Share Your Feedback

All Arts & Letters Chairs are invited to fill out and submit the Event Recap Form after every Arts & Letters event their chapters host to let us know your thoughts.

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