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Join date: Jan 22, 2023


Regional Leadership
Regional Director (2011-2016), Nevada State Coordinator; MIT Trainer; Reclamation, Retention & Transition Chair; MT Trainer
National Committee Member
Past Reclamation, Retention & Transition Committee Co-Chair on National Membership Services CommitteeDirector with the Delta Foundation
Past Regional/National Officer
Regional Director (2011-2016)
Current Director for the Delta Foundation
Chapter Leadership
Past President (2001-2005) Las Vegas Alumnae; Vice-President (1997-2001); Membership Intake Trainer
Goals for the biennium
To assist wherever I can in promoting the growth of sisterhood, members and effective programs in the Farwest Region and Delta Sigma Theta. .

Sandra Phillips Johnson

Past Director, Farwest Region (2011-2016)

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