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Farwest Region Information Communications & Technology (ICT)

The ICT Team is here to assist with regional communication and virtual events.  The team will communicate and partner with the Farwest Regional Officers and Leadership team to receive projects, share updates and establish expectations and timelines for ICT assistance.

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Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Complete form if you need to use the regional Zoom account for a chapter event. Please note that regional activities and events will take precedence over chapter activities. 

Submit Articles for the monthly

The monthly eNewsletter is published on the 5th of every month. These submissions should be chapter event announcements. Please submit your article no later than the 25th of the month prior to publication.


The Farwest Focus is published three times a year. These articles should include chapter activities and soror spotlights.

Contact Your
Regional ICT Liaisons

ICT Contact/Liaisons 

Regional ICT Members that can assist or guide all tasks related to technology & communication.  

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