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E-Learning Committee

The Farwest Region E-Learning Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of micro training modules and visuals designed to equip chapters and members with growth, efficiency and innovative best practices to enhance the Farwest membership experience. This committee collaborates with National and Farwest Region Leadership (Past and Current), National and Regional Committees and Community Partners in the development of these micro training modules and visuals.

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50 Years of Arts & Letters

The Farwest Region E-Learning Committee Presents: 50 Years of Arts & Letters live from the 2023 Farwest Region Delta Author's on Tour stop in San Francisco, California. Featuring: Canara Price, National Arts & Letters Co-Commissioner and Joyce Hicks, Chair, San Francisco Alumnae Chapter Arts & Letters Committee.

FWR Step Collective

The Art of Stepping

Join the Farwest Region on a rhythmic journey through the art of stepping, an expressive form of dance that combines beats, words, and movements to tell powerful stories. In this video, we'll explore the deep historical roots of stepping, tracing back to its African origins and its evolution through African American college fraternities and sororities.

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Trusting Your Team

"Trusting Your Team" with Pamela E. Smith, National First Vice President, delves into the essence of team dynamics. Learn the keys to building trust and fostering collaboration. Unlock the potential of collective strength and unity with this virtua module.

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Veteran's Day Tribute

We are honored to share our Veteran's Day tribute, a journey through the brave and courageous stories of our Members from the Farwest Region. These remarkable women have not only dedicated themselves to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., embracing Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Service, but have also played pivotal roles in our nation's defense.

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Reflections from a Centenarian on Life and Leadership in Delta

Dive into the wisdom and insights of a centenarian from the Farwest Region as she shares a century's worth of experiences. From witnessing significant historical events to observing the evolution of leadership styles in Delta, this centenarian offers a unique perspective that bridges the past and the present. Through heartfelt anecdotes, life lessons, and leadership advice, viewers will be taken on a journey that celebrates the resilience and wisdom that comes with age.

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